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This tattoo image is believed to have been originally created by @jinkstdv8 at DV8 Tattoos and Body Piercing- Roseville located in Roseville, CA on or around Jul 18, 2017. The image, image's subject and the tattoo artwork involved in the image shown above are property of DV8 Tattoos and Body Piercing- Roseville.

Buffalo as explained by:
urban:s***4 & wiki:perma
a city everyone likes to hate on yet once you leave miss it. don't eat for atleast month because there is no good food except in buffalo. see [mighty taco] [tim hortons] i moved from buffalo charlotte and lost 20 pounds. - Buffalo (or buffaloe) may refer to: Animals African or Cape (Syncerus caffer) Bubalus, genus of bovines including various water...

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@jinkstdv8 from DV8 Tattoos and Body Piercing- Roseville

Buffalo Jul 18, 2017 - 10 months ago

Take a look at this cover up Tattoo made by Anthony Stith at DV8 Tattoo and Body Piercing Roseville follow Ant @jinkstdv8 Three cover ups in this one. Love how this masked over what he had. Thanks for...

Tattoo images by @jinkstdv8 from DV8 Tattoos and Body Piercing- Roseville.

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