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This tattoo image is believed to have been originally created by Guzik at Mothership Tattoo located in Athens, GA on or around Aug 14, 2018. The image, image's subject and the tattoo artwork involved in the image shown above are property of Mothership Tattoo.

Bumblebee as explained by:
urban:n***w & wiki:perma
somebody who is kind,sweet like honey, and always there. just a bumblebee will be there even when you think she left she's still that i can truly say my best friend. kristine, a.k.a bumble bee, one in billion. - A (or bumble-bee or humble-bee) any of over 250 species the genus Bombus, part Apidae, bee families. This genus...

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Guzik from Mothership Tattoo

Bumblebee Aug 14, 2018 - 1 year ago

Tattoos by @mattygoldstein & GUZIK mothershiptattoo quality tiny tattoos athensga walkin streetshop collegetown uga backtoschool myathens athensgatattooers athensgatattoo athensgatatto...

Tattoo images by Guzik from Mothership Tattoo.

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