Panda Tattoo By @glessnertattoo from  Saints and Sinners Tattoo - 06-12-2018

panda tattoo by Mike ✱  

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This tattoo image is believed to have been originally created by Mike at Read Street Tattoo Parlour located in Baltimore, MD on or around Jun 12, 2018. The image, image's subject and the tattoo artwork involved in the image shown above are property of Read Street Tattoo Parlour.

Panda as explained by:
urban:t***s & wiki:perma
the coolest animal ever!!! has really cool looks, eats bamboo, and likes to play with people (even though it's so big it often causes harm frail human bodies). -i have sell my liver i can go see panda in zoo!!! already sold mine!!! - The giant (Ailuropoda melanoleuca, literally "black white cat-foot"; Chinese: 大熊猫; pinyin: dà xióng māo, "big bear cat"), also known...

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Mike from Read Street Tattoo Parlour

Panda Jun 12, 2018 - 1 year ago

panda by Mike!

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