Phenomenal Tattoo By Andy from  Art Machine Productions - 02-02-2018

phenomenal dragon tattoo by Jason ✱  

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This tattoo image is believed to have been originally created by Jason at Artisan Pittsburgh located in Pittsburgh, PA on or around Feb 3, 2018. The image, image's subject and the tattoo artwork involved in the image shown above are property of Artisan Pittsburgh.

Phenomenal as explained by:
urban:l***t & wiki:perma
something absolutely fantastic and one of a kind in greatness. tends to be used describe irn bru. "that's coke's aye raj ya wee midden. geez us an it's pure phenomenal, like." - A phenomenon (Greek: φαινόμενον, phainómenon, from the verb phainein, show, shine, appear, manifest or itself, plural phenomena) is any...

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Jason from Artisan Pittsburgh

Phenomenal Feb 3, 2018 - 10 months ago

Check out this phenomenal black and gray double dragon piece done by Jason Angst 🐉.

Tattoo images by Jason from Artisan Pittsburgh.

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