Beautiful Tattoo By Jon from  All Saints Tattoo - 06-11-2018

beautiful result tattoo by George ✱  

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This tattoo image is believed to have been originally created by George at Platinum Ink located in Austin, TX on or around Jun 11, 2018. The image, image's subject and the tattoo artwork involved in the image shown above are property of Platinum Ink.

Beautiful as explained by:
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your smile makes you pretty body 5êχ only mind beautiful she/he got his stuff together, and confident not cocky, he beautiful! - Beautiful, an adjective used to describe things as possessing beauty, may refer to: Films Beautiful (2000 film), American film starring Minnie...

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George from Platinum Ink

Beautiful Jun 11, 2018 - 7 months ago

Beautiful cover up result by George Miller. 👌🏽Have you got something you’d rather not see anymore? We can turn a tattoo you hate into one you love. Inquire today!

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